[ENGLISH] Liberties are shrinking

Liberties are shrinking

Police state
Reprimanted demonstrators
Armed riot police
Murdered innocents
Scoffed liberties
Censored speeches
Controlled media
Manipulated populations

Liberties are shrinking
Politicians destroy them
Force controls the streets
Hope you don’t have anymore
Rebel against government
Refuse all their laws
Take power control back
Before it’s too late

Cnetralized Big Data
Your life is analyzed
Tous emails are watched
On the internet, you’re tracked
Your mailbox is controlled
ALF ally
Thrown as terrorist

Liberties are shrinking
Politicians destroy them
You set up their spies yourself
Because you’re just a pawn
Freedom is within reach
But blind you see nothing
Alternatives exist
But you would have to resist

Shipwrecked refugees
On brotherhood land
But as humanity
Only found discharge
New walls upraised
Powered wires
Mobilized troops
Only capable to push away

Their liberties are shrinking
Our politicians destroy them
From Sangatte to Calais
We only know how to expel
These terrified people
Who only look for a little peace
Brotherhood, humanity
In this Mercilessly world